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Typical Fire Ant Mound

Fire Ants - When and How to Control Them

This is the typical appearance of a fire ant mound. If disturbed, the worker ants in this mound will aggresively attack what they feel is the threat.
For instructional information on our method for fire ant control - click the button below!
Typical Annual Ryegrass Field

Good Grass Depends on Good Soil Health 

In my opinion, to maintain pasture productivity, you should consider soil testing twice a year.  This means for our area, it is probably best to collect samples early March and late August.

Regular testing helps you identify exactly what nutrients are needed to keep you soil healthy and your crops reaching closer to maximum potential.

Solving The Rodent Problem

Most people think that if they have barn cats, they will never have a rodent problem.  I'm no expert on the scientific cat to rat ratio required for pest control, but I do know that rats and mice have extremely fast re-generation times meaning they can reproduce several generations over the span of a year.  

Rats and mice are, without a doubt - prolific.  Single females can produce up to 56 offspring in a single year.  That's about one a week.  This means that unless we make every attempt to control these pests, their numbers will grow at an estimated horrific rate.

Tips On Caring For Poultry In Cold Winter Months

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